Elizabeth Kattner-Dance Artist


Dance is the most fleeting of all the arts, existing entirely in the moment. It is a craft transmitted one-on-one, teacher to student, from one generation to the next. Preserving and passing on this tradition is my passion as an educator and an artist. I teach solid technical ballet training and at the same time give my students the historical context of the great ballets. This idea forms the basis for my staging of classical works as well as my own creative endeavors. I have learned the art of choreography directly from my own teachers, and have supplemented that learning by studying the work of the great masters. My research involves those ballets which have survived in the repertory, and extends to lost works, including the ardent task of reconstruction. This work coupled with daily training and rehearsal in the studio provides a steady source of inspiration.

My own ballets address contemporary themes, and use a wide variety of music and dance vocabulary. By marrying the present with the past, I seek to communicate timeless themes to my audience.